Doc Ferds North EDSA


Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center North EDSA is a publicly-accessible veterinary clinic with a cafe-inspired finish.

Established in 2021, this branch located along the highway retains its wheelchair ramps, client bathroom (regular sized), front desk air-conditioning, open-air porch at the back, and huge parking.

Watch this video for a clinic tour.


DFAWC North EDSA, also known as DFAWC Muñoz, is located right along EDSA cor. Congressional Avenue. Nearby landmarks include S&R Membership Shopping, and of course, SM North.

As a break from its proximity to the city busway, visitors may still take a breath of fresh air in the spacious parking area, or a break from city smoke at the air-conditioned front desk area equipped with an indoor humidifier.


#3 T and K Bldg.
Congressional Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila 1105


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Kennel capacity

Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center North EDSA branch has a total capacity of 9 kennels for medically recovering patients (3 large kennels, 6 small to medium kennels).

The confinement capacity does not include kennels provided for pets to undergo grooming and kennels meant for non-medical boarding for pets whose owners are out of town. Healthy animals are provided kennels in a room separate from the treatment area.

DFAWC North EDSA treatment area


DFAWC North EDSA uses a mostly digital imaging system for x-rays and ultrasound, allowing for quicker viewing of results. Veterinarians know this as a computed radiography (CR) system.

Diagnostic Equipment

Like the other branches, DFAWC North EDSA has its own in-house laboratory equipment. This makes it possible to provide diagnosis as soon as humanly possible, without having to wait to outsource from external labs.

These equipment include, but are not limited to:

  • RT-PCR for high-accuracy detection of viral load in animals,
  • ProCyte for complete blood count (CBC) tests,
  • and of course, the imaging system.

Surgery Room

Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center North EDSA is equipped with its own surgery room and related supplies and equipment.

Doc Ferds Recio veterinary surgery
Doc Ferds Recio at the North EDSA branch surgery room. Taken in the early days of the branch opening.


Other notable features of the branch include:

  • Mini shop for pet food and adjacent products
  • Pharmacy for medication and vaccinations
  • Sanitary animal waste disposal
  • Spacious parking
  • Bathroom for visitors
  • Indoor waiting area (air-conditioned, with humidifier)
  • Outdoor waiting area (open-air porch)
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Consultation office accessible to wheelchair users
Doc Ferds AWC in-house diagnostic lab equipment
Doc Ferds AWC appointment office

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