Doc Ferds UP Town Center


DFAWC UP Town Center is the same Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center, but in a mall setting.

Enjoy the convenience of caring for your pet as you go about shopping. We are located near one entrance, as well as parking.

If you’re not in UPTC to stay, we can also pick up your pet from the entrance as you drive by Katipunan Avenue. Simply coordinate with us so we know when to send our staff.


Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center UPTC is inside the mall. If the mall’s amenities are not enough, Katipunan is also home to several noteworthy places.

Apart from the nearby colleges Ateneo, UP, and Miriam College (and the sports events, art galleries, academic talks, cultural conventions, and theater plays they bring) along Katipunan stands the Manila Observatory, the Arete Creativity and Innovation Hub, as well as cafes and co-working spaces that dot the avenue, brought alive by the resident students and young professionals.


G/F UP Town Center
216 Katipunan Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila 1101


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Kennel Capacity

DFAWC UP Town Center has a total capacity of 11 kennels for confined patients. Due to the popularity of smaller breeds being brought to the mall, most of the kennels in the UPTC branch are for small animals.

The above number of kennels do not include kennels provided for animals brought to the clinic for grooming and check-ups. Healthy visiting animals are kept separate from medically recovering patients.


DFAWC UP Town Center uses a computed radiography (CR) ultrasound and x-ray imaging system. Though it requires an extra step compared to the DR system of the main branch, the CR system is capable of virtually the same speed of processing radiographic results. This means that if pet owners go to the mall clinic in the morning, they can get the x-ray and ultrasound results on the same day.

Diagnostic Equipment

Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center UPTC possesses its own in-house diagnostic equipment. With in-house equipment, delays that may occur from outsourcing laboratory test results are no issue.


As with the other branches, DFAWC UP Town Center also has a surgery room.

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