Doc Ferds Timog


Our main branch, Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Center Timog is a cozy multi-floor veterinary clinic established as early as 2016.

Situated along Timog Avenue, DFAWC Timog is guaranteed easy to find. It stands in one of the numerous commercial spaces in Landsdale Arcade, a building visible from the immediate road.

The clinic may seem snug, but it’s equipped with all the tools and machines needed to accommodate your pets.

It has among others:

  • an ultrasound machine,
  • an incubator,
  • an RT-PCR machine licensed for veterinary use,
  • ProCyte for your pet’s complete blood count (CBC), and
  • a DR imaging system that displays x-ray findings straight to the computer–no darkroom necessary–allowing test results to be assessed digitally within the day.

As our main branch, DFAWC Timog can at times be a little packed.

Especially during holidays when demand for grooming services and vaccination for newly adopted pets reaches its peak, we sometimes redirect our clients to our nearby branches: DFAWC North EDSA and DFAWC UP Town Center.

Peak time isn’t all the time, however, as again our equipment allows for same-day diagnostics. In fact, while waiting for your pet, you can explore the area.


Doc Ferds Animal Wellness Timog is a veterinary clinic close to lifestyle amenities.

Timog Avenue is a sub-urban business district with sporadic food establishments. You may find one to lounge in while you wait for your pet and catch up with friends, or drive by the adjacent Tomas Morato known for its cafes, bars, and restaurants.


#5 Landsdale Arcade
Mother Ignacia St.
Timog Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila 1103


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Kennel Capacity

The DFAWC Timog branch has a total capacity of 8 kennels (6 large kennels, 2 small to medium kennels) for medically recovering patients.

This kennel count does not include the kennels provided for non-medical use, such as those used for grooming and non-medical boarding of pets whose owners are on vacation. Accommodations for healthy animals are provided in an area separate from the kennels intended for medical confinement.


DFAWC Timog uses a fully digital imaging system. This digital radiography (DR) system allows pet owners and vets to view x-ray and ultrasound results instantly.

Diagnostic Equipment

As the oldest, DFAWC Timog was the first branch to have its own diagnostic equipment in-house (other branches later had their own). Having these clinic-specific laboratory equipment allows for a speedy diagnosis, eliminating delays from outsourcing the processing of blood tests and other examinations.

The equipment include, but are not limited to:

  • high-accuracy RT-PCR for the detection of viruses,
  • ProCyte for gold standard CBC blood testing,
  • and of course, our imaging system.

Surgery Room

DFAWC Timog has its own surgery room. Much of the early content in Doc Ferds Recio’s YouTube channel actually came from the very surgeries conducted in the Timog branch.

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